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Food As Medicine

  • Focus your efforts on whole food. 
  • Choose organic, wild, or local when possible.
  • Minimize inflammatory processed foods high in added sugar, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.



  • A good starting point is 150 minutes of exercise a week with the intensity based on your current fitness level. 
  • If you suspect you have a hormonal imbalance opt for low to moderate intensity exercises and limit or eliminate HIIT as this can make the hormone issue worse.


  • Stress effects more than just the mind - it left unaddressed it can prohibit any health issues we are trying to rebalance.
  • Check out  Remedy Stress Support for more information on how to gain resilience to stress!


  • Prioritize your sleep.
  • Lack of or poor quality sleep has been linked to several chronic conditions including diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular conditions.
  • Some simple tips: avoid blue light 1-2 hours before bed, avoid food or exercise 2 hours before bed, implement a calming regimen such as herbal tea or a bath to start to wind down.

Supplement Support

Vitality Multi: 4 capsules daily

  • The micronutrient “backbone” addresses nutrient deficiencies that may be contributing to slow metabolism, impaired detoxification, and insulin resistance.
  • Added phytonutrients and botanicals support fueling the mitochondria - the energy powerhouse of the cell.

Berberine: 3 capsules daily

  • Berberine can improve insulin sensitivity, one of the major contributors to stubborn weight.
  • Can help balance hormones, another common contributor to stubborn weight.
  • Good for gut microbiome. Healthy gut = healthy body.
  • Addition of ALA works synergistically with Berberine to increase metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity.

BotaniBoost: 2 capsules 1-2 times daily 30 minutes before meal.

  • Lemon Verbana + Hibiscus work synergystically to activate the AMPK energy pathway and promote optimal metabolism.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract is high in chlorogenic acid, a potent polyphenol with health boosting antioxidant properties. In addition can help increase satiety and decrease appetite.
  • This powerful bend show positive effects in metabolism, appetite control, body weight, body fat%, lipid markers, blood glucose markers.

Recommended Use

  • Vitality Multi: 4 capsules daily
  • Berberine: 3 capsules daily
  • BotaniBoost: 2 capsules 1-2 times daily 30 minutes before meal.
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