• AdrenaCalm

    Adaptogen + Nootropic blend to promote calm and focus.

    Choose this blend when…

    • You suffer from acute or long term stress
    • Have “anxious energy” in response to stressors
    • You describe yourself as “stressed and wired”
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  • AdrenAdapt

    Adaptogen blend to support cortisol levels for a healthy energy level and mental focus.

    Choose this blend when chronic stress has depleted your energy stores and you feel fatigued or would describe yourself as “stressed and tired”.

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  • AdrenAdapt Plus

    Adaptogen blend with added adrenal glandular bovine concentrate for extra support.

    Choose this blend when …

    • Chronic stress has depleted your energy reserves and you would consider your fatigue level extreme.
    • You are working with a functional medicine practitioner who has reviewed your Cortisol Awakening Response.
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  • NeuroCalm

    Nutrient + Herbal Blend to promote calmness and combat stress and anxiety by supporting neurotransmitter production.

    Choose this blend if you suffer from daily anxiety or low mood.

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  • NeuroCalm PM

    Nutrient + Herbal Blend to promote calmness and restful and restorative sleep.

    Choose this blend when you have difficulty calming prior to sleep or difficulty staying asleep.

    Pro Tip: Can be used stand alone or in addition to any other Remedy Stress blends.

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  • CogniCalm

    Fast acting botanical tincture for calm + focus.

    Choose this blend when you need fast acting relief for acute stress, anxiety, or overstimulation.

    Pro Tip: can be combined with any other stress remedies here!

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Which stress stage am I in?

There are three stages of stress: AlarmResistance, and Exhaustion

The alarm stage typically occurs when we are exposed to a stressor acutely and our cortisol raises for a short time and returns back to normal. This stage is usually marked by anxious energy or commonly referred to as “stressed and wired”. 

When we are exposed to stressors for longer periods of time (think chronic stress related to everyday situations), our cortisol raised but our body tries to overcome the constant exposure and keep the cortisol level as close to normal as possible. This is the resistance stage

The third stage, exhaustion, comes when we are chronically exposed to stress and our body can no longer keep up with the regulation of the cortisol pathway and our cortisol levels have been depleted. This stage is typically marked by fatigue and can commonly be referred to as “stressed and tired”. 

For an in depth data driven view of your cortisol levels and stress resiliency, a Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) at home test can be done. This serves as a great baseline marker and help direct you to appropriate supplementation therapies.

Which supplement blend do I need?

Each blend contains adaptogens that help the body adapt to the stressors and counteract the physical harm stress can cause. 

AdrenaCalm: choose this blend in times of acute stress, when you feel anxious energy in response to stressors, or generally describe yourself as “stressed and wired”

AdrenAdapt: choose this blend when chronic stress has depleted your energy stores and you feel fatigue. This blend has specific adaptogens and nutrients to restore a healthy cortisol level and a natural healthy energy. 

AdrenAdapt Plusthis formula is the same as AdrenAdapt with the added benefit of glandular concentrate (bovine). I recommend reserving this blend for times of extreme fatigue, after receiving and reviewing salivary cortisol levels (see CAR recommendation), or working with a functional medicine practitioner.

CogniCalmThis fast acting liquid tincture contains GABA, L-theanine, and Huperzine A for calm + focus for acute stress, anxiety, or overstimulation.

NeuroCalm: This blend of nutrients and herbs help support neurotransmitter production and overall mood. This is the go to recommendation for those dealing with daily mood and anxiety.

NeuroCalm PMThis blend of nutrients and herbs can be used stand alone or in addition to any of the above. This special nighttime formulation helps to calm the mind and body to promote restful and restorative sleep.

How should I take the blends?

AdrenAdapt and AdrenAdapt Plus should be taken first thing in the morning to help with the natural cortisol rhythm and energy. If a second dose is needed I recommend to not take it past 2 PM. 

AdrenaCalm can be taken anytime during the day when the stress/anxiety is the highest or take it before know. stressors occur (ie stressful work day).  

If you have mixed stress responses (“wired” and “tired”) depending on the day or time of day you can do a combination of AdrenaCalm and AdrenAdapt based on symptom needs.

NeuroCalm can be taken anytime during the day but is most commonly taken in the morning. Start with one dose in the morning and if additional doses are needed take an additional dose in the afternoon.

NeuroCalm PM should be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to bedtime for best results.

CogniCalm can be taken up to four times daily. Use two dropperfulls under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. You should feel calming effects in a matter of minutes. You may repeat after a few minutes if needed. You can use CogniCalm alone or in addition to any of the other support blends.

Do I need a cortisol test?

Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) tests can be taken at home and are the gold standard for evaluations cortisol levels and stress resiliency. 

It serves as a baseline marker of your cortisol and adrenal health and can help determine appropriate therapy from the beginning. 

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