Ortho Molecular Terms and Conditions


When gaining approval to purchase Ortho Molecular products as a client of Remedy your are agreeing to the following:

1. I am purchasing Ortho Molecular Products for use for myself or household.

2. I will not resell on third party sites.

3. I understand shipping times will vary depending on in stock items.

We do not keep a large stock because we want to get our clients the best dating possible. If we have to order from the manufacturer to fulfill your order, it usually takes 2-3 business days to get to us and we will ship it out when it arrives. 

4. I understand that my bottle may come marked with my initials.

We may have to mark your initials on the bottle. Unfortunately, some people ruin it for everyone. Ortho products are prohibited on Amazon and this is a way for us to track if someone is being dishonest and reselling. We understand this is not likely you, but at some points I have to do this to continue to be able to provide these products to you online. 

5. I understand I am limited to purchasing 3 of each item per purchase and my orders will be evaluated for appropriate duration.


We are limited to selling 3 of each item per sale (see above Amazon note). If we see orders coming in that exceed expected duration for use we may reach out to question your specific dosing needs.

6. I understand that if my order or ordering habits appear to not be in line with these standards, my order may be cancelled and access to this site blocked in the future.